About Us

At Bhumi Itech we provide optimize solutions to our clients for cyber security and network security.

We are the leading system integrator as well as solution provider.

Our cyber range module is a Hyper-Realistic simulated  Cyber Range training that has the dual benefit of helping team members recognize the symptoms of a Cyber-Attack, and also practice implementing actions to mitigate the harm an attack can cause.

In our Module a individual or organization will  learn in a safe space that is isolated from the real computer systems and have the opportunity to see a cyber-attack play out, observing the different outcomes produced by defensive tactics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and sustain safer cyberspace to promote National Sustainability, Social Well-Being, and Wealth Creation. A gridlock for cybersecurity organizations today is people because of a massive shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Sometimes understaffed teams fail to manage thousands of incidents. So our mission is to help cybersecurity professionals to gain upper hand in mitigating cyber attacks.

Our vision

We have ambitious plans for sustainable growth and an intense sense of social purpose. We cannot close our eyes to the challenges that our country faces. Business must make an explicit and positive contribution to addressing them. We are confident, we can create a more equitable and sustainable world for all of us.

Our Team

Most Talented Experienced team members

Our Process

We are Commited Continuous Improvement and Eliminating Waste


Our Passion for Innovation